Bhagat Dillon, the founder of Small Flying Arts, expressed his vision of the World Tour Mission in these terms:

“To commemorate our growth to over 1000 members, the Small Flying Arts Forum now embarks upon a great adventure. A single free-flight model airplane has been built, to be flown by volunteering members from around the world. This World Tour Flyer shall be shipped to many different pilots in many different countries, literally making its way around the world before returning home.

“Each pilot will fly the World Tour Flyer at his location, record the flight in the Flight Log, and ship the model to the next pilot along the World Tour Route.

“Pilots are encouraged to fly at locations that have significant beauty or historical importance. They can upload comments and photos of their flights to the online Discussion Board dedicated to this project.

The World Tour Flyer
“A journey of this length involves certain risks, such as loss or damage in shipping or during flights. But no great undertaking ever commenced with full knowledge of the path ahead. We have taken precautionary steps in case of certain disasters, yet we rely mainly on faith and determination. The SFA community has tremendous spirit and enthusiasm, and moves forward confidently to meet whatever challenges may arise in completing the World Tour.

“May this voyage serve to enlarge and strengthen friendships, and increase goodwill worldwide!”

Following Bhagat's tragic and untimely passing in November 2007, responsibility for coordinating the tour was taken over by Joe Sullivan, while updating these pages was undertaken by John Miller Crawford. So, added to our mission was the commemoration of the life of Bhagat Dillon and his commitment to building a website and community dedicated to builders and fliers of small flying airplanes.