The Tour commenced in August 2006, when SoFiA was flown by its designer and builder, Bhagat Dhillon, at the MIMLOCT mass Cloud Tramp launch in Seattle. From there, the intention was to proceed generally eastwards through 15 countries and 26 destinations to return to the USA, where it would visit a number of further destinations.

Following the prolonged disappearance of the original World Tour Flyer (SoFiA), the Tour was restarted from the USA in March 2008 with SoFiA II, built by Bob Isaacks as an exact replica.

The World Tour was prematurely terminated for the second time when SoFiA II went MIA in France in October 2008. The Tour once more restarted from the USA, in March 2009 (exactly a year after the first restart), with SoFiA III, again built by Bob Isaacks as another exact replica of the original SoFiA, and first flown by him in Jacinto City, Texas. The Tour was finally successfully completed on October 20 2009, with the return of SoFiA III to Bob Isaacks, after almost seven months from the day she was shipped by him.

The map below illustrates the major regions participating in the Tour and the order in which they were visited by SoFiA II and III.