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the WT Flyer plan
and building instructions

This Pilot’s Guide was originally drawn up by Bhagat Dhillon. It is preserved here as testimony to the meticulous planning he put into his endeavour to ensure the success of the World Tour.
These instructions are very important to the success of the World Tour! Follow them carefully, and use your best judgement if there's a need to deviate in any way. There are two main factors to keep in mind …

  1. Preservation of the WT Flyer is critical, as it must survive at least 72 flights and shipping journeys! Please keep your flights at relatively low altitude, and free from dangers of damage or loss. Also take great care in packaging and shipping the model.

  2. Speed is essential. With so many destinations in the tour, it's very important that you make your official flight and ship to the next pilot as soon as possible!

Package Contents [updated for SoFiA III]:
  • Removable wing (w/ fuselage mount attached)
  • Motor stick with thrust bearing socket, Peck Polymers 4.5" prop, rear motor hook and rudder attached
  • Removable stab
  • Rubber motor (loop approx. 8" long, 1/8" wide rubber)
  • World Tour flight log
  • Pilots list
  • Shipping list (this list)

Pre-flight Checklist:
  1. Examine package contents for missing or damaged parts. Repair or replace as necessary (help is available on the World Tour Discussion Forum).
  2. Assemble model.
  3. Prepare to photograph flight, pilots, etc. (if possible).
Making Your Official Flight:
  1. Hand-wind approx. 200 to 250 turns into the motor (remember not to push performance very hard - you don't want to lose the model).
  2. Align marks on wing mount and fuselage.
  3. Launch in as safe conditions as possible (away from obstructions, low wind speed, etc.).
  4. Photograph if possible.
  5. Retrieve model and record the flight in the Flight Log. Include interesting landmarks, circumstances, etc. in your comments.
Post-flight Checklist:
  1. Check your Flight Log entry to be sure it's complete.
  2. Post a version of your log entry (and your photos) to the World Tour Discussion Forum. This is important for us to track progress of the tour!
  3. Make repairs to the model if necessary.
  4. Carefully pack all contents into shipping box. Refer to shipping list to ensure all parts are packed.
  5. Locate the next person on the pilots list (the name immediately after yours) and verify that person's shipping address by contacting them by personal email (see the pilots list), with an advisory posting in the World Tour Discussion Forum.
  6. Ship the model by a secure and reliable carrier. Important: if you are shipping to another country, please declare the package as a gift worth no more than 5 dollars (US), and include a list of contents that's visible on the package. The list should simply read "model airplane."
  7. After package has been shipped, please notify SFA members by posting a message in the World Tour Discussion Forum.


Your participation is a tribute to the spirit of Small Flying Arts and the memory of Bhagat Dhillon, and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!