This model started out as a Nowlen Aero Peanut scale kit. I was pretty happy with some of the kit features, but wanted to correct some scale inaccuracies. So I altered the wing design and all strut assemblies. Nowlen calls for bamboo outlines for the rudder and stabilizer, but I have never tried that approach. Instead, I built the tail outlines from balsa laminates.

I wanted that classic clear-doped linen finish, so I tried some EasyBuilt linen tissue. I was pleasantly surprised by the wet strength, shrinkage and light weight. All the brown detail is EasyBuilt brown tissue. The metallic strut details are covered in Hallmark metallic tissue. I like this approach because there are no issues with raising wood grain like there are with paint.

The rose and numeric markings seen on the image to the right are just craft marker on tissue. The roundels are Japanese tissue composites.

My flying experience has taught me the importance of being able to make stabilizer adjustments, so I made a hinged stab on this model.

With the addition of the aluminum cowl, the model balanced perfectly. To my delight it trimmed out on the second flight (with about 5 degrees of down-elevator) and will do gentle left hand circles with only one loop of 3/32″ Tan II. For the record, I will never build a plane without hinged control surfaces again!

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- Todd McFarland

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