Granville Brothers airplanes have always been among my favorites, and ever since my recent re-entry to the free flight hobby I have planned to build at least two or three. The Death Trap Squadron free plan site ( offers many very well done plans, and among them is a 16.4″ wingspan scale Model D that I knew I had to build.

I built the airplane heavier than indicated by the plan because I didn’t think I could manage the smallish thickness without breaking and/or warping the frames during construction. 1/16” stock was used for most of the structural members rather than 1/32” and 1/20”, although 1/32” stock was used for the wing ribs.

The graphics for the tissue were done using a very basic CAD program: FastCad. (Note that any CAD program can be used for this – there is nothing special about FastCad). The detail and position of all the graphics for the airplane (including some discussion on possible alternates) are shown on the plan. The cat head was scanned directly from the plan, cleaned up very slightly in Photoshop, and imported into the fuse side drawing files.

The graphics were printed on the dull side of white SIG polyspan tissue, using an Epson printer with DuraBrite ink (I’ve had problems with smudging when printing on the shiny side of the tissue with large, dark colored areas).

The printed tissue was attached to the frame using a UHU glue stick and shrunk with 91% alcohol. Occasional areas of stubborn wrinkles were shrunk several times with the alcohol mixture; if the wrinkles persisted, pure water was used. Most of the wrinkles were removed. After each piece was covered, a light coat of clear dope, thinned 50%, was applied.

I have done some glide tests to date but not yet flown the airplane.

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  • Pretty! I tried going to to get the plans, but it directed me to one of those generic sites that includes a line at the top saying “Are you intereted in buying this domain?”

    Could you forward me an email of the plans that you have?? Also, do you know where plans are for other FF GeeBees? ..specifically the one with the more cylindrical fuselages…


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